We focus on reaching potential clients for your business. We define and execute a pull strategy to attract your target client through SEO, SOCIAL MEDIA, and CONTENT MARKETING.

We walk your audience through the steps of attraction, conversion, sales, and deeper engagement. Our inbound-marketing service is tuned to attract the leads and sales your business needs to thrive, helping you to bond with your audience and build brand loyalty.


Traditional (outbound) marketing is based on sending messages to your target audience through a number of different channels: direct mail, billboards, TV ads, radio ads, emails, phone calls, etc. In the end, though, all this non-solicited messaging just interrupts your audience from what they really want to focus on. The PUSH technique is based on SEARCHING FOR CLIENTS.
INBOUND MARKETING, on the contrary, is focused on attracting your target audience through subtle and non-intrusive techniques: the goal is that the client finds your product/service/brand in a natural and organic way. The PULL technique is based on the opposite of the push. Here, CLIENTS FINDS US.




 In online marketing, not all traffic is the same, nor does it have the same value. We strongly believe in attracting the best-quality clients, which is why we focus our acquisition strategies on targeting the most qualified traffic: your ideal clients.



Our conversion strategies are driven by a thorough understanding of your clients and their needs. Our job is to not just attract them, but also convert these new contacts into long-lasting relationships that help you to grow. We help you turn traffic into leads and sales.



To better identify which segments of your client base will give your business the right boost, the marketing and sales teams must be aligned. Marketeers set up the pipeline of the right customer segments while sales teams are in charge of closing, turning these leads into sales. Fortunately, this is an area in which we have a lot of experience.



There’s nothing more important than building long-term, lasting relationships with your customers, as they will become the ambassadors of your brand/product/service. Excuse me, Captain will help you set up inbound-marketing strategies that position your business as a resource for your target audience, aimed at maximizing client retention.

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