We strongly believe in strategy. Strategies are bound by a time-frame and a set of defined actions. At most companies, an online strategy will be given 3 months to sail. However, many internet businesses will re-configure their strategies through their weekly operations, or even on a daily basis.

 We offer our clients all our international strategic know-how gathered through our professional exposure and experience, with every strategy backed by marketing.

Organic Growth.

We are specialized in organic positioning and growth for online businesses. Positioning your business organically helps you reach your goals: attracting potential clients to your website, ensuring your product/service reaches your target group, reducing costs for a certain business unit, or reaching more valuable segments.

 Our team has been working with search engines and organic positioning for Spanish and international companies since 2003. We love what we do and love being a part of each client’s team.

What Do We Do, and How?

1- Website Pre-Audit.

All positioning strategies start with an audit of the client’s website. We analyze the strategy followed up to that moment, the business KPIs, technology used, and existing analytics.

2- Aligning Digital Strategy.

We define an initial map with goals to achieve and actions to execute, setting the priority and time of execution.

3- Keyword Research.

We analyze and investigate keywords, looking at the volume of searches, keyword competitiveness, and intention. We calculate the estimated traffic and potential benefits from each keyword, taking into account the average conversion rate and value. Once the target keywords are defined, we devise an implementation strategy to reach your target group.

4- Web Development Support.

We offer your developers easy-to-understand technical documentation laying out the changes and improvements to implement. Do you need someone to implement them? Our team of experts can do that too.

5- Back-Links & Link Building.

The back-links that point back to your domains and URLs are important and have a direct impact on your search results. However, they must be handled delicately.

The first thing we do is a risk audit of all links to make sure that they conform to Google’s best practices and that your domain is not being penalized without you knowing it.

Excuse Me, Captain does not use any link farms, content farms, or article-spinning techniques that might hurt your business.

We figure out what content-marketing strategies are needed by understanding the business goals, and then produce original content that will maintain steady and constant organic growth.

6- Continuity Service.

SEO is not a one-off action. It takes several months to reach the goals set and, in many cases, we will need to shift the course as we go. Further, even once the goals are reached, there are always new things to implement.

We monitor your progress and the search layer your business floats in. We understand what techniques are needed, and we are always among the first to know about Google’s latest announcements. Staying up to date and implementing changes when needed means being ahead of the competition


Technical SEO Audit.

We run technical SEO audits to identify potential errors/risks and we apply SEO best practices in a report detailing all the technical improvements needed along with a step-by-step document to help your developers implement them. 

Migration Audit.

The design and development of a new website is a complex task. So is migrating the domain, content management systems, and servers. In a migration audit we analyze the old system/domain and the new one before the migration. We gather all changes needed in a report, highlighting key areas and must-do-before-launch improvements. 

Risk Audit.

We run risk audits of your website, making sure it conforms to Google’s best practices by analyzing the web structure, tagging, technologies used, etc., to avoid potential penalties by the search engine. 

SEO Penalties.

We look at drops in traffic and determine their origin. We take into account the type of penalty (automatic vs. manual vs. technical issues), whether it’s  linked to Penguin/Panda algorithm updates, and we give you a list of actions to take to remove the penalty and recover your traffic. 

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