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We are a specialist agency in creating and optimising campaigns through Google Ads and Bing Ads. Our campaigns offer high performance and return on investment. Whether you want to advertise on Google, its display and mobile network or Youtube, we are your SEM agency.

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What is SEM?

SEM is the acronym for Search Engine Marketing and consists of carrying out paid campaigns in search engines. The aim is to increase the visibility of our brand, website or product and generate conversions, but unlike SEO, at SEM we have to pay the search engine an amount for each click the user makes on our results, so it is important to have an effective strategy and optimise it so that it is profitable and generates conversions.

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Why you should
hire us?

When you hire a SEM agency it is important that this guarantees its clients the necessary attention to ensure their results, and that they have professionals prepared for the optimal management of their clients' accounts. At Excuse Me Captain we have been managing digital marketing campaigns for more than 18 years and our results back us up.

What SEM services we offer you??

Campaigns on Google Ads and Bing Ads

We plan and execute optimised campaigns to offer our clients the maximum return. Our methodology guarantees success. From a previous study of the project we create profitable campaigns that are continuously optimised to offer you the best results.

Campaign audit.

If your SEM campaigns are not giving you the results you expect, we audit them to find the causes and offer you effective strategies that do work.

Red Display campaigns.

If you want to launch a campaign on the Google Display Network, we are the agency you are looking for. From a rigorous study of your audience, we create the necessary segmentation so that the campaigns generate the qualified traffic that your business needs.

Remarketing campaigns.

We generate new conversion opportunities with remarketing campaigns. When a user visits your website without making any conversion we can impact them again to increase the effectiveness of our acquisition marketing actions.

Google Shopping campaigns.

We create and optimise campaigns for your products on Google Shopping with the best results. We will bring highly qualified traffic to your e-commerce through Google Shopping campaigns with the aim of generating sales and increasing the ROI of your business.

YouTube campaigns.

We create campaigns on YouTube optimized to generate a high impact on your audience. Youtube allows us to make highly segmented campaigns to reach exactly your buyer person and generate a high rate of user engagement.

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